Hoover is the bomb


Colleen Hoover may be the greatest author of our generation in the young adult/new adult/college genre. She has a way with words that make sense in a sometimes senseless world. She is able to engross you in a fictional world, that really isn’t all that fictional. That’s what makes her great, she is able to seamlessly create totally believable, relatable worlds that could be someone’s reality. Case in point, Ugly Love (which if you haven’t heard will be a movie soon -go now and YouTube the teaser) is gut-wrenchingly gritty and ugly. It is open and raw and real. Real, such a hard thing to find in this new genre of over sexualized stepbrother romance filled, cliche ridden novels most authors are hurrying to publish. What’s even better about Hoover is that she is humble. Humble, great author, funny, witty and generally just a cool cat, that my friends is why Hoover is the bomb.


Cancer….the big C.


I think because of our current circumstances (my dad has terminal cancer and living with us), I have found myself gravitating subconsciously toward more and more books with a lead character dealing with the dreaded C. I’ve found it cathartic, crying the big ugly cry while reading about the amazing characters who overcome the big C or in some cases don’t.  What I’ve found is some truly great, no scratch that, amazing books that I want to share with you.

1.) Bright Side by Kim Holden-seriously have the tissues ready. Hard to believe I ranked this above John Greene but seriously it’s that good.
2.) The Fault in Our Stars by John Greene – read the book! The movie rocks but the book, the book is head and shoulders above.
3.) Slammed by Colleen Hoover. Now, while the lead characters don’t have the big C themselves, the journey they go on together is all encompassing.  Again grab the tissues!
4.) The Probability of Miracle by Wendy Wunder-just not enough words to describe this one. It’s an amazing ride.


No, just no.


I dont know about y’all,  but my Kindle reccomendations has been bombarded with books about step-siblings and highly inappropriate behavior. I mean I’m no book prude and will readily admit to loving Stepbrother Dearest by Penelope Ward but some of these are downright awful! Hot guys yes, needy girls with no self-esteem, no thanks. And seriously,  can we talk about the parental units that are blind. Dysfunctional can make for a really great read but in most of these cases it just borders on gross. Ok….rant over.


Long time gone.


Admittedly I am not very good at this whole blogger part of my life. I should first say, I am terribly sorry for the lapse in my reviews and my complete failure to at least say “I’m alive.” Life has an uncanny ability to interfere and change our plans, completely uproot your schedule and routine and toss it all around slamming in back in your face. I will spare you all the gory details but will say there has been cancer, surgery, divorce, moving and lots of drama and not necessarily in that order. But hey that’s life right?! I hope y’all welcome me back and I promise I will try to do better! Can’t wait to share some awesome books with you fine folks.


Let no man put a-Sunder……


I have been waiting for a book to drop. Not just a book, THE book. The end all, be all, I must have or I might break-down into ugly cry, book. I can’t explain it, there just aren’t words. I happened to stalking my favorite author’s page and this cover stopped me dead in my tracks. I had to know more, I HAD to read this book. Imagine my complete and utter disappointment when I realized it wasn’t released yet. No book has ever done this to me before. No book has ever been able to capture my attention before I even read the description. I have never wanted a book so bad that I marked my calendar. I freaking marked my calendar…who does that?!

So, I began my wait. I want to say patiently, but the truth is, I am anything but patient. And, in its’ ever present status as “pre-order” I have tried unsuccessfully to fill the void. Folks, my wait is almost over….T-minus 3 days! What is the book that I have marked my calendar for you ask….well just take a look.

Sunder release photo

Here’s a little something to tide you over, if this picture isn’t enough….

Every town has its secrets. Secrets that hold it, and the people who live there, together.
When Liv Daniels moves to Wolfville, Maine with her father, she discovers the small town has more than its fair share.
But the quaint, coastal townsfolk aren’t the only ones with secrets.
Liv has one too.
Hers is buried deep inside of her, where even she doesn’t know it exists.
But someone does, and he’s not going to give up until he breaks it free from her.
But how do you free someone from a secret they don’t know they have?  What do you do when the person you’re supposed to destroy becomes the one thing you can’t live without?
Don’t miss this suspenseful new YA romance!
“Fans of Twilight will love this story!! ~~Bookend 2 Bookend”

sunder release photo

Coming Saturday January 25th, 2014


Smashwords –>http://bit.ly/1jtMNIr



 I know I have mentioned author Tara Brown before, but I happened to be lucky enough to get these fabulous release photos and a nice little bio. So, for those of you still not sure about reading her books-which seriously I will never understand-here’s her official bio. She’s a quirky little thing and her imagination is epic. The characters from the Born Trilogy came from this lady-how could she not be cool!!!



Tara Brown


I am not going to talk in the third person. It feels weird.


I am a Bestselling author of Paranormal Romance, Post Apocalyptic, Contemporary, Romance, and Fantasy novels. I write a lot of books and jump Genres all the time. Mostly because I think I have Writers ADD, I like to call it WADD. It might be a real thing.
I write YA some of the time but mostly New Adult, my books have sexual content (Heck yes) and Swearing. You have been warned. Now enjoy!


I have a beagle named Buster, a husband who I force to read everything I write and two girls who want so badly to be a character in my books. And not in that order.


I am mid thirties so be prepared for the chick lit novel this year. I am calling it my Ode to my Midlife Crisis. I’m kidding. It’s actually called The Single Lady Spy Series and it is an adult romantic-thriller series. The first book, The End of Me is due out April of 2013(out now!). It is a sexy and fresh series with the lightest touch of erotic naughtiness.


I have been writing since I was old enough to lie. So for some time. If you’re wondering about the hat, it’s my ‘Hey I’m Canadian Toque


Welcome to my world. Please enjoy the ride. If you would like to reach me for whatever reason, please visit me at my Facebook page – facebook.com/TaraBrownAuthor. You can also email me at tarabrownauthor@hotmail.com
Thanks for checking me out and I hope you got lost in something I wrote or it made you so MAD/HAPPY/SAD/BLISSFUL/TURNED ON/ANGRY/EXCITED/FRIGHTENED/HORRIFIED that you couldn’t believe it.


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Grammar, USE IT…..



I don’t want to get all preachy and come across hypocritical. It’s easy when blogging, or writing in general to turn off our brains and start thinking with our thumbs. We all do it. Each one of us is guilty of using the OMG, abbreviating words, leaving out apostrophes, and forgetting proper punctuation. We do this all in the name of saving time. I get it, really I do. But people, there is a time and a place. I make mistakes and I find them all the time when I go back to proofread or more often than not, after I have already posted. We aren’t a perfect people by nature, but we should all strive to be better.

I believe I mentioned this in an earlier post, but I just began classes at a local college. My first class this semester is English 101. Now, I have been out of school a very long time and I don’t doubt that there are things I have forgotten. For instance, I am pretty sure if you asked me what a subordinate anything is, I couldn’t give you a proper definition. That being said, I can still remember the basics. No run-on sentences. EVER. This is grammar rule number one, instilled by every English teacher I have ever met. Use your punctuation. Not sure if you should use that pesky semi-colon? That’s fine, please start a new sentence. Always, use the apostrophe with a contraction. Please? And, we live in this amazing technologically advanced world with this wonderful tool called spell-check. Let’s do the world a favor and use it.

This rant is brought to you courtesy of an essay I just read. This was written by a 20-something and was riddled with spelling errors, missing punctuation and I believe could win a Guinness World Record for longest run-on sentence in history. I have books in my library that are riddled with spelling and grammatical errors. I read them, but man what a turn-off. And, I am not to proud to admit I have returned more than one with issues so bad I couldn’t finish.

When did grammar become a thing of the past? Are we failing the younger generation by not instilling this simple yet effective tool?

So folks, I’ll end this entry by simply saying, do not to forget your grammar.

Rant Over 🙂

What I haven’t done….


No book review today. Just some thoughts on my crazy life now. I haven’t shared this with many people, but I am starting my college career again beginning Monday. I am going back as a mother of an 8-year-old, full-time employee, baseball board member, committee member, wife, chauffeur, chef and maid. Well, you get the picture. And, because I am apparently a glutton for punishment, I am writing a book. Well, I have written a book for over a year now. My resolution this year was that I would finish. I vowed I would finish not only for myself, but for the husband and the kiddo too. I really just think they’re tired of hearing about how much I want to write.  And, if I am writing I won’t be hiding in a closet with my nose stuck in a book 🙂

I think we all have those things that we haven’t done. Maybe they are on your to-do list or maybe you just haven’t discovered the things you haven’t done yet. I am finding that as I near my 30th birthday the list of things I haven’t done keeps growing. Making that observation, I decided that I would start crossing some things off. I don’t want the one regret I have in my life to be that I never got to write. I started my blog again and I decided to start writing again. This will be the year I finish. I will finish whatever it is I start, whether it be an argument, a kiss, a hug. I will not start what I cannot finish. I owe it not only to myself but to those I interact with.

So, in the spirit of finishing things, I have updated the cover for my yet-to-be-published debut novel. I have set a deadline for drop May 2, 2014. So, y’all keep on me and check back often for more updates! Until then…….


Ella, Ella, Ella…..ugh


I dread writing this review. I mean knots in my stomach dread. So, before I chicken out….here goes.

Cinder Ella _ Sophie Starr

Sophie is the naughty persona of Tara Brown. Tara is one of my favorite authors now, well really has been for a while. I respect her writing style, her cross-genre mentality and she just writes a good book. *** Take note haters….read my earlier entries for proof*** However, Sophie Starr didn’t deliver for me. I’ve waited patiently along with Tara’s other fans for this book to drop. We saw all the teasers and I bought into the hype. I read it. I was disappointed. I love erotica. I love romances. I love reading about sexual deviance. But,  I could not love this book.  Sigh…and I really, really wanted to.

The books premise is a naughty, dark erotic revision of the classic Cinderella.  I expected pure enchantment. I wanted my cheeks to flush and to have my own naughty thoughts. I got nothing. It was short, poorly worded, one-dimensional and rushed. There was very little character development, character interaction was confusing and well, it was just really bad. Gah…I hate even typing that. I read it this morning and can’t even tell you a thing about Prince Charming or the Dark Knight other than there were two supposedly hot guys, a prince and a king. That’s not good Sophie. I should instantly as a reader be able to make a connection with the characters. I couldn’t even like Ella. I didn’t understand her. I started to get a feel for her, but by the time I even got that far the book is done. I needed more. I needed more sex, more background and a better wicked step-mother.

I wanted to find one good thing about this book, but I’ve got nothing. I’m sorry. Please go check it out, find something good and tell me about it. Tell me how wrong I am-promise if you can find something redeeming about it I will read it again. It’s a buck now on Amazon.